Elephant Girl

from by UNA



"Elephant Girl," which features Lily Haydn on violin, stems from vintage pictures that Nice found of circus performers evoking in Richard a childhood experience that forever haunts him. "It's a wonderfully strange and bonding story," he says. "As a child I was at a local freak show at a dodgy amusement park with my parents. The sideshow area had a little parade of elephants. I was drawn to them because riding them were these decorated girls, my age. My little mind raced! Who are they? How'd they get here doing this? Where do they live? It was a romantic mystery to me. And, I wanted to do that. It was the first moment I can remember wanting to entertain.” On the other hand, these same pictures summoned disappointment in Jennifer. She saw the objectifying of women and wanted to offer a reminder to not miss the ‘real’ show.


Elephant Girl
9.5 x 8ct

The ladder leans
against the wall
and every man
likes being tall

The  mistress of
the lion cage
30 teeth
are hard to gauge
She looks like Loren
with tattoos
all over
her body

You don’t miss the show again
all over
her body

Don’t miss the show again

It’s carnival 
we love to see
who’s our freak
on the marquee

this jamboree
everybody’s favorite
She walks the wire
Over the pavement
Graceful and poised
even though she is drunk
She sits upon
the elephants trunk

Don’t miss the show again
and poised

Don’t miss the show again

You missed the show again

She swings in air
on the trapeze 
She kind of smiles
trying to appease

step right up and
take a peek
she promises
not to speak

She’ll wave her hands and
Shake her ass
She dances
With class

Don’t miss the show again
La la la di da

It’s cold but she’ll wear
her leotard
She’s a bright
Shiny Star

Don’t miss the show again
Don’t miss the show again

You Missed the show ooh
You miss the show again

©2016 Jennifer Nice and Richard Larsen


from Hiss for the Fly, released March 22, 2016
Jennifer Nice Vocals
Richard Larsen Keys, Tenor
Lili Haydn Violin
Shawn Davis Bass
Gabriel Meyer Baritone
Raffa Padilla Percussion



all rights reserved


UNA Los Angeles, California

Genre: Downtempo Pop/Trip-Hop

A new EP from the LA based post ménage à quatre, UNA, Hiss for the Fly, dropped March 22, 2016.

A foundation of electronica and hip-hop "profound, haunting downtempo grooves, and soulful vibe"

UNA is Jennifer Nice, vocals, Richard Larsen keyboards, Scott Eric Olivier, guitar, synth, drums, & turntables by Eddie Barajas
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