The Raft

from by UNA



"The Raft" is a great example of how the band's musical minds work in mysterious ways. A main influence sonically, was actually something visual. "This song was inspired by the famous painting, 'The Raft of Medusa' by Gericault," reveals Nice. "It's about greed and climbing on others to forge ahead, not considering others." Richard adds, "'The Raft' goes again to that rare space where magnitude and grandeur reside. We felt we had to do something that was beyond us, and this track is it. It could be a defining moment for the band."


The Raft

Reaching for the sky
Grabbing at the air
Never looking back
Afraid of what is there

I could hear the boy’s neck creaking
All he wanted was a peek
How could he imagine the consequences
Of finally finding what you seek

The raft
The raft
The raft

The raft
The raft
The raft

He stand upon the others’
Frail and naked shoulders
Making friends with all
Medusa’s frightened soldiers

How bright the star

They warned him 27 times
Once for every year of his life
They said be careful what you ask for
You won’t end up with what you like

The raft
The raft
The raft

The raft
The raft
The raft

©2016 Jennifer Nice and Richard Larsen


from Hiss for the Fly, released March 22, 2016
Jennifer Nice Vocals
Richard Larsen Keys
Eddie Barajas Turntables
Shawn Davis Bass
Lars Horntveth Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
James Musser Guitar



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UNA Los Angeles, California

Genre: Downtempo Pop/Trip-Hop

A new EP from the LA based post ménage à quatre, UNA, Hiss for the Fly, dropped March 22, 2016.

A foundation of electronica and hip-hop "profound, haunting downtempo grooves, and soulful vibe"

UNA is Jennifer Nice, vocals, Richard Larsen keyboards, Scott Eric Olivier, guitar, synth, drums, & turntables by Eddie Barajas
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